The Flannery Family & St. Louis

The Flannery name was first recorded in the Irish county of Tipperary where in ancient times the Flannery clan held a family seat. Tipperary was known as the “Golden Vale” and is still one of the richest agricultural landscapes in Ireland. It is believed that the similarities in agricultural lands contributed to the Flannery clan’s immigration to the Midwest. The potato famine in Ireland of the 1840s prompted many Irish to emigrate to the United States in search of opportunity and a fresh start. Many of those that emigrated chose New Orleans as their entry point and continued their travels up the Great Mississippi River, ultimately settling in St. Louis. The Irish were already a big part of St. Louis, but the first records of the Flannery clan in St. Louis were not recorded until the late 1840s. The first St. Patrick’s Day in St. Louis was celebrated in the 1820s and by 1850 nearly 43 percent of the entire St. Louis population was of Irish decent. We are proud to hold the Flannery name and to be a part of the well-established and spirited Irish community of St. Louis.

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St. Louis Washington Avenue Pub


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